Reservation Policies

A facility rental fee is required for use of the Clark Kerr Conference Center (buildings 12 and 14) and dining rooms (building 10) for a specified time period. Your room rental rate includes pre-arranged room setup, breakdown, trash disposal, wireless internet connection, and complimentary water station. Food, beverage and other service charges are in addition to the rental fee.

Your room is assigned according to the estimated number of people anticipated at the time of initial inquiry. Cal Catering reserves the right to change a designated room if the guest count increases or decreases.

Should an event run past the agreed upon duration, overtime charges may apply. The client is responsible for payment of all overtime charges. Room setup changes made after event confirmation may incur an additional charge.
Cal Catering will issue a Banquet Event Order (BEO) detailing the agreed upon requirements of the event at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Email or fax confirmation is required as acknowledgment and final confirmation of the event. Any changes made after the final confirmation may incur additional charges. If Cal Catering does not receive a confirmation, the last agreed upon arrangements will be used.
A tentative booking for space and service will be held for (14) days after issue of the contract. It is only after receipt of the signed contract and payment of the deposit is the booking considered as definite and confirmed. A 75% deposit based on the estimated facility rental fee at the time of initial inquiry is required to reserve an event date.

After 14 days, should Cal Catering not receive the signed contract and deposit, the booking shall be released automatically without notice, unless other arrangements have been made at the time of initial inquiry.

The balance of the bill is due 3 days prior to the event date or on the date of the event. Other miscellaneous and incidental charges directly related to the event are due within 14 days of sending the final invoice.